Broadband and Phone Engineer in Eastbourne

Broadband Engineer in Eastbourne

Broadband speeds can be affected by a number of factors such as poor connections, old or damaged cabling and distance from your router. If you have an issue with your broadband then, we, Francis Telecom’s broadband engineer in Eastbourne, can come out to you and run a diagnostic to find where the fault lines.
20 years of experience within the Telecom’s industry has allowed us to be able to quickly get your broadband up and running to the speed you should be receiving. We have assisted many clients in Eastbourne with their broadband issues and have helped install new equipment and sockets to allow you high speed broadband throughout the home.

An example of some of the broadband engineering services we offer in Eastbourne include:
• Installation of new phone sockets for broadband
• Network installation including Cat 5 data cabling
• Broadband speed and connectivity fault finding and rectifying
• Supply and installation of Wi-Fi extenders

As broadband engineers in Eastbourne, we are confident we can offer you a competitive, first rate service.

Telephone engineer Eastbourne

We at Francis Telecom’s offer a superb telephone engineering service in Eastbourne. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with any job we carry out and also the price you pay for the work.
You may require a phone engineer in Eastbourne to install a new phone socket or move and existing one to a more appropriate place. We can give you a fixed price for completing this work, to a high standard whilst causing minimal disruption to you.
If you are having problems with your phone line, if it is noisy, cannot get a dial tone or have been advised by your phone provider to contact an engineer, we have the latest technology to check all the wiring within your property and advise you as to where the issue lies. Some service providers will charge you to come out to the property to check your internal system and if the fault lies within your property you will be responsible for fixing it. If the fault lies with them, then we can advise you of the issue to report to your service provider asking them to rectify it. We offer a no obligation quotation service for telephone engineering services in Eastbourne and will happily quote on any job.
A few examples of the phone engineering services we offer in Eastbourne:

• Re-positioning of existing phone lines and sockets
• Telephone line fault finding services
• New phone sockets for TV packages and Broadband
• Replacement of existing sockets and phone lines

Why not contact us, Francis Telecom’s – experienced phone engineers in Eastbourne.