Broadband Engineer Bedford

So many of us rely on our home broadband for work, socialising with friends and family, watching films online or just having some downtime playing games on our phones or games consoles. Our Wi-Fi often works perfectly for a while and then suddenly you may experience either intermittent faults or a complete drop out of your services altogether. This can not only be extremely frustrating but can have a huge impact especially if you use the internet to work from home for example.

We at Francis Telecoms Bedford understand the important of your Wi-Fi working correctly and work quickly to get you back online as soon as possible. There are several reasons as to why your broadband stops working as it should, some of these issues may be relating to your internet service provider (ISP) and some may be your responsibility. Often when you first call your internet service provider, they will carry out some initial tests on your line and on your router. If they are not able to fix the issue this way, they will usual advise you that they will need to send out an engineer. The engineers visit will incur a fee if the fault is found to be an issue inside your property such as a faulty phone line extension or interference caused by one of your appliances.

We offer a comprehensive broadband fault finding service in Bedford and the surrounding areas that will not only establish what the fault is but offer you a permanent solution to avoid any further disruption to your services.

It may be that your broadband is working fine but you simply need to boost the signal to reach different areas of the home or garden. Our professional broadband engineers in Bedford are able to install Wi-Fi extenders throughout your home to increase the signal. We can also install additional sockets to allow you to hard wire in devices such as games consoles and TV boxes.

Why not contact us today to discuss your broadband requirements in Bedford or the surrounding areas and see how we can help. All of our work is covered by a 12-month warranty and we offer flexible appointments to suit your schedule.