Broadband Engineer Leicester, Leicestershire

Broadband and Wi-Fi is used by almost all of us daily. Whether you work from home, are an avid online gamer, watch films through an online service or do your shopping online- having a stable, fast internet connection is crucial.

Broadband Fault-finding Leicester

So many of us rely on our internet connections, especially at present when you may be having to work from home. We often put up with broadband and Wi-Fi issues for far too long, hoping they will improve on their own or learning to live with them. At Francis Telecoms we offer a fast and affordable broadband fault-finding service in Leicester. We can carry out a number of tests which will allow us to find out where the fault lies and who is responsible. If the fault is found to be an issue outside your property or at the exchange, then it is the responsibility of the Broadband provider to fix. We can give you the information you need to pass on to them to arrange an engineer visit. If, however the problem is within your property, then you will be responsible for any repairs.

We at Francis Wi-Fi engineers Leicester ensure you will only ever pay for work that is required and that will improve your broadband connection, there are no hidden fees.

Broadband installations Leicester

We not only offer a fault-finding service but we also offer new installations and extensions. From Wi-Fi extenders to new cat6 sockets for your set top box connection or games console – we can supply and fit it all at an affordable price. It may be that you want to get a Wi-Fi connection in your garden or your home office cabin. Our cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions are tailor made to suit your exact requirements.

Devices that are connected to the internet work faster and more reliably when connected to the router via an ethernet cable, but problems often arise when you do not have a socket available to use in the location you need it. We can install additional phone sockets throughout your home in Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

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