Canterbury Phone and Broadband Engineer

Are you looking for a Telephone Engineer in Canterbury or a Broadband Engineer Canterbury? I have been working in Canterbury and the surrounding areas like Herne bay and Aylesham for many years.
Being a phone engineer and broadband engineer I get asked to confirm whether the fault on the telephone line is the service providers cabling to the property or is it with the property owners internal phone cabling. Testing the internal phone wiring in the property soon confirms this.

Phone Engineer Canterbury

Telephone wiring can last many years but also get damaged quickly due to damp or water ingress and crashing damage will cause contact faults on telephone cables. I have also been asked to fix cut an external telephone cable on the outside of the property when the gardener accidentally cut through the phone cable, this was a total loss of telecoms service to the property, Francis Telecoms UK soon got this working again. As well as Canterbury, we also offer telephone engineer services in Herne Bay and Aylesham.

Broadband Engineer in Canterbury

Broadband Faults – For example slow broadband speed.
One of the first things to do is check if it’s your own telecoms equipment that is causing the slow speed, to do this just unplug everything from the telephone points apart from your modem and see if this improves the speed. If it improves the speed you now know it’s a piece of equipment that is causing a problem, if it does not improve your speed it is more likely the cabling that is at fault or a service provider problem – then you’ll need to call Francis Telecoms UK to come and do some testing. Before you do that, call your service provider and get them to check the line coming to your property, if they say it’s ok call Francis Telecoms UK, Broadband Engineer and we will fault find your telecoms within and around your property in Canterbury.

Telephone Extensions and Broadband Extensions in Canterbury

All of our telecoms equipment and cabling are of the highest standard and this will last you many many years and give you the best speed for your broadband.
So if it’s a cat5 extension to a outbuilding or a data point for a set top box in another room or maybe a new filtered telephone face plate for your broadband speed, then give Francis Telecoms UK a call we will soon install your telecoms that will last you years.

WI FI / Broadband Engineer Thanet and Canterbury

Some properties around Canterbury and Thanet can be old stone farmhouses, the stone farmhouse walls are very thick so when using Wi-Fi the signal you may find it very difficult to penetrate thick stone walls. The way around this is to install a CAT5 link to the other part of the property as this will allow for a TP-LINK to be installed and set up. This will flood the area with WI FI internet allowing a good connection in that part of the property.
Francis telecoms UK install TP links – so why not give us a call.