Luton Broadband Engineer

We at Francis Telecoms offer a professional broadband engineer service in Luton and nearby areas. The internet has become a huge part of our daily lives regardless of if you use it for work or pleasure. If you enjoy streaming movies, playing online or work from home, then you will probably already know how important a fast and reliable broadband connection is. Faults with broadband often happen very quickly and suddenly you can find that you have lost all broadband, hard wired and Wi-Fi connections. We offer a comprehensive broadband service throughout Luton and aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible. If the fault is found to be an issue that needs to be rectified by your internet service provider, we can advise you as to what the fault is so you can contact them to discuss.

If you are having a TV package installed in other rooms within your house then you may need additional sockets installed or Wi-Fi extenders to allow you to hardwire in your devices. We can supply and install all equipment needed at a competitive price to ensure that it is all in place for when your TV equipment arrives.

If you are struggling to get the Wi-Fi speeds you are paying for but the speeds to your router are ok then it may be that certain factors inside the home are causing issues, such as thick walls, interference from other devices or distance from the router. Our Luton broadband engineers can advise you of the correct set up or solutions that will improve your Wi-Fi speed throughout the home.

We offer flexible appointments to try and accommodate our customers as much as possible and can arrange a convenient time to come out to your residential or business premises in Luton to carry out any tests and repairs.