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Are you frustrated with crackly phone lines, delayed internet speeds, or need additional sockets installed in your home is Cambridge or anywhere across Cambridgeshire? At Francis Telecoms, we have over twenty years of telecommunications experience assisting Cambridge residents and businesses. As a family-owned telephone and broadband engineering company, we approach every job with care and skill.
From simple phone socket relocations to intricate line fault finding, we provide comprehensive telephone engineering across Cambridge.

Why Choose Francis Telecoms

  • Honest and Upfront Advice

    We believe in being transparent when it comes to discussing your telecoms requirements and will only recommend what is needed

  • Tailor Made Solutions

    Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs to ensure you get the highest level of service

  • Work Guaranteed

    All of our products and workmanship is covered by a guarantee to give you added peace of mind

  • Competitive Pricing

    We work hard to keep our prices low and will always discuss any additional costs before proceeding

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Our Telephone Engineering Services in Cambridge Include:

Phone Line Extensions and Additional Sockets

We install entirely new phone lines and wall sockets in the rooms you need them most. Frequent requests include phone points in bedrooms for emergency calls or home offices for managing business calls. We can also extend your phone line capability to outbuildings if required. Our engineers neatly route new cabling through walls and floors to preserve your home’s aesthetics too.

Francis Telecoms Broadband EngineerPhone Socket Relocations

If you have existing telephone sockets in inconvenient places, we can transfer them to more practical locations. We take care of moving the sockets professionally without surface damage. This ensures the new positioning links seamlessly with your room’s layout.

Crackling and Faulty Phone Line Diagnostics

Frustratingly, phones often crackle or phone calls drop out for reasons unrelated to your telephone provider. Issues like broken wiring or poor connectors between your main line and residence can be the root cause. We thoroughly assess your phone’s health to identify the fault’s origin. If your internal or external home phone wires need repairs, we can provide a competitive quote and carry out the work to an extremely high standard.

Full Phone Line Health Checks

For personal assurance or when issues arise, our engineers offer complete phone line health checks. We conduct tests checking for wiring issues, connectivity faults through to your provider and more. Our insight gives you leverage when talking to external telecoms providers if we discover the fault lies off your property.
With the right telephone engineering assistance, you can resolve frustrations from internal line crackles to poor outbound call quality. If your issues stem from wiring faults inside your home, we diagnose where the breaks exist. We then repair and upgrade the cabling and connections serving your property. We even install completely new sockets placing extensions wherever most practical like bedrooms, home offices and outbuildings.

Our Broadband Engineering Services in Cambridge Include:

Fixing Slow Internet Connections

Does it feel like you’re waiting an eternity for web pages to load? Slow broadband easily interrupts both leisure internet browsing and urgent work requirements. Our broadband engineering services delve into your connection’s underlying issues and resolve them.

Broadband Line Diagnostics and Fault Finding

We conduct a battery of broadband line speed tests assessing your infrastructure’s capability. The diagnostics identify faults causing disrupted services, so repairs get directed appropriately. Our insight gives you added leverage in getting your external internet provider to fix issues inside their remit.

WiFi Signal Extension

If broadband drops out or runs slow in certain areas of your home or garden, a patchy wireless network signal may be the culprit. We firstly strategically reposition your router for wider coverage. Adding booster units or WiFi range extender pods provides more strengthening where you need it most.

Bandwidth and Speed Optimisation

There are also tweaks to be made purely on your side for smoothing broadband performance. We implement router adjustments dialling in faster speeds with stability. This includes selecting the least congested wireless channels plus configuring priority device access.

Cabling Solutions and Set-up Changes

In some cases, computers directly wired into your router via Ethernet cabling provide faster access. If you desire dedicated high-speed connectivity for office rooms or even gaming set-ups, we neatly install new networking ports and cables.

With over twenty years of telecoms engineering experience, we have the technology insight and practical know-how to solve connectivity issues.

We have telecoms engineers covering all areas within Cambridgeshire including Soham, Cambourne, Little Port, Histon, Sawston, Burwell, Cottenham, Waterbeach, Melbour,Ely, Huntingdon, St Ives, Buckden, Thorney, Fulbourn, The Shelfords, Linton, Fen Ditton and Houghton & Wyton.

Contact Francis Telecoms at 0800 634 3276 to discuss your telephone or broadband problems. Our family-run Cambridge engineering team is ready to assist with all aspects of your home or business communications infrastructure.