Independent telephone and broadband engineer in Harlow and Essex

Whether you need help finding a broadband or a telephone engineer in Harlow or Essex or the surrounding areas,  we can offer all the help you’ll need.

What telecoms service do we offer?

Our team of professional reliable telecoms engineers have the knowledge and experience to help you with many tasks such as moving your master sockets or troubleshooting an unreliable internet connection. We will send a local telecoms engineer out to you at a pre-approved convenient time and carry out work that is not only often cheaper than the leading providers but is also guaranteed for 12 months.

We work in and around Harlow and Essex, providing telecoms support, this includes but is not limited to:

Broadband engineer services in Harlow and Essex

  • Internet fault finding – We can help with internet speed issues, internet dropouts and unreliable connections.
  • Supplying and fitting specialist equipment to support your internet needs such ADSL faceplates – these filter out the broadband signal from any extension wiring to prevent interference with your internet connection.
  • Relocation of ethernet ports/master sockets – this can be necessary if you are having home renovations done to ensure that your main internet point is moved to a convenient location. We can even run an internet cable into your garden office, attic workstation or basement studio to ensure you always have access to a stable internet connection for work or leisure.
  • Cat5/Cat6 cabling – this is the cabling needed to supply Internet to your equipment. If you want to extend your internet range without using boosters, then this may need to be laid to give you access anywhere in your home or office space. We can give you advice on this as well as supply and fit all the necessary equipment to ensure you stay well connected wherever you are.
  • Improve Internet speed and Wi-Fi coverage– there are many ways in which our highly qualified engineers can help fix this issue, usually installing Wi-Fi gateway extenders to give you the fastest speeds possible through your existing internet connection. We can also replace cabling that may be causing slow internet speeds.

Telephone engineer services in Harlow and Essex

  • Phone line fault finding – this is a test within the property on all your existing phone lines, checking any telephone devices that aren’t working properly, whether you have no dial tone, interference on your phone line or not being able to make or receive calls at all.
  • Relocation of your master socket for your landline – This is especially important in areas of poor mobile signal where a fixed line is essential. Computers and game consoles can also be hard wired into these ports making them have a more stable broadband connection.
  • Relocation or installation of multiple phone ports in an office – this is essential to offices requiring a number of telephone points and allows all work areas to be free of messy trailing wires.
  • Installation of multiple phone points and data points for flexibility within the office working space. Francis Telecoms can recommend, supply and install a suitable telephone system to meet all of your commercial and domestic needs. A qualified phone engineer can set up the device ensuring that everything is fully operational before they leave. You also have that extra benefit of a 12-month warranty for all work carried out leaving you with a hassle-free phone setup.
  • Checking and replacing any damaged cables – Damaged cables can not only look unsightly, but they can also be a fire hazard. We can check the safety of all your internet/phone cables and ports to ensure that they are not damaged or faulty. This should be done regularly as cables running along the floor can often be subject to damage from pinching or catching on furniture or even rodent damage. We can also extend existing cables, or cable jointing, allowing you more flexibility to move your phone devices as needed.

Our telecoms engineers are fully insured offering a 12-month warranty on all work carried out.  With our vast experience in the field, we are confident that we can help address all of your broadband and telephone needs.

If your broadband connection or phone line is not up to scratch and you’re fed up with internet connection drop-outs and outdated phone systems that just don’t work as they should, don’t hesitate to contact Francis Telecoms for more information and a no obligation quote on 08006343276 or email us at