Telephone Engineer Luton

If you are looking for a telephone engineer in Luton, then we offer a comprehensive telephone fault finding, repairs and installations service. Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable and can not only fix any issues you have but also advise you of how’s best to set up your telecoms systems to ensure you get the best out of your service. This may be installing extra sockets or relocating your master socket to be nearer to where you have your phone or hub to remove the need for extension cables. This can often improve the reliability of your phone line and cut down on future problems. We can give you a fixed price for completing this work, to a high standard whilst causing minimal disruption to you.

If you are having problems with your phone line, if there is interference, you cannot get a dial tone or have been advised by your phone provider that  you need an engineer to visit then please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the latest technology to check all the wiring within your property and advise you as to where the issue lies. Some service providers will charge you to come out to the property to check your internal system and if the fault lies within your property you will be responsible for fixing it and may still be charged a call out fee. If the fault lies with them, then we can advise you of the issue to report to your service provider asking them to rectify it. We offer a no obligation quotation service for telephone engineering services in Luton and will happily quote on any job regardless of the size of the project.