I would gladly recommend him for his skill and kindness

It had been something of a nightmare. My cherished old telephone had suddenly stopped ringing and instead had developed a cough. I could make outward calls but didn’t always hear the incoming “cough.”
I rang my supplier and was told that it wasn’t their responsibility. Being untrained I accepted their response and rather crossly had a look for a qualified engineer, which, it seemed, was something of a lost cause. I searched online and found Paul Francis. Unfortunately just after we made an appointment Paul had an accident and was unable to help me. He apologised. By this time I had got used to my telephone with the “sore throat”, I didn’t really want to hunt for another engineer, it wasn’t as if I had or made frequent calls. Paul was going to be my man. Eventually he recovered and came to my house one evening and thoroughly checked my telephone system. One of the first things he said was that the fault was not in my property and the phone company should have dealt with it. Paul’s inspection hadn’t taken too long but contacting the company took a very long time. Night was falling and I expected Paul would go home but to my great relief he stayed so when the company eventually answered he was able to tell them about the technical fault. As a result of his support the problem was resolved in a relatively short time. I shudder to think what story the company would have told me without Paul’s expertise. I would gladly recommend him for his skill and kindness.