Paul arrived at my property

Paul arrived at my property to sort out my broad band after I had tried to move my PC to another room it was quite clear that I had not done a very good job but Paul tested everything, replaced some cabling set up my hard wear, unfortunately nothing worked and Paul advised me that my router was not working properly. He advised me to contact BT and ask for a replacement which I did. Paul was very concerned that he had to leave me with no broad band and ask me to let him know what happened. He was at my property for over 2 hours trying but with no success. He charged me £95. which I thought was very reasonable for the work he done. When the new router arrived I tried to set it up but still no luck, I spoke to BT but they were not very helpful. I rang Paul and asked for advice, bearing in mind this was on Sunday Paul was extremely helpful, we had many phone calls and e mails all day on Sunday , eventually Paul concluded that BT had sent the wrong cable with the new router. Once I had installed the correct cable everything worked fine.

To say that Paul went the extra mile would be an understatement the service he provided was incredible,
he was able to identify BT’s failures and provide the solutions to rectify them, I am extremely grateful for his help. As I said earlier this was on Sunday not a work day. I will recommend Paul to anyone who may need his services. Many thank to a knowledgeable, helpful, and very professional man.